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~~~~~SANDY'S STREAM~~~~~

Stroll along the SANDS of time...

As the waves beat against the shore,
.....Echoing a giant roar.....
Birds up in the sky do soar,
.....Over the rich AND the poor.

I enjoy writing poetry and I love animations, so I have combined them on these pages.
I hope you will enjoy them.


Last night I dreamed I went to Hell,
I saw some faces I knew quite well.
As I walked down a long corridor,
I saw charred stones within the floor.
Up ahead I could see.....
Flames rising higher than a redwood tree.

I then entered a gigantic room,
Filled with a musty smell of doom.
There sat Satan on his throne,
Made from human skin and bone.
On his sceptre was a skull,With the horns of a bull.
I could see his blazing red eyes,
That seemed to glow when someone dies.
His mouth was covered with stains of blood,
He had eaten raw meat, like a cow chews cud.
Believe it or not, there was his trademark...
His horns, his tail, and his pitch-fork.
He explained, "I have many a costume,
This is appropriate, I presume."
"NOW COME," he demanded with a grin,
"And tell me of your wicked sin!"

"I have sinned, it is true, but not enough to come to you!
God sent me here to find out, What it's like, for I was in doubt.
And now I know which way to turn,
To stay with you I would only burn.
With God there is Life everlasting,With HIM I'll stay through all life's happening."

by Sandra Bekemeier

Proverbs12:18 Thoughtless words can wound
as deeply as any sword,
but wisely spoken words can heal.

Forbidden fruit creates many jams!

So sad my Limemobile was totalled when a guy ran a stop sign.

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