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I've got bats in the belfry, and blood on my fangs.
Up in the attic is where my hubby hangs.
I have a pet Creature in a Black Lagoon
Also a snake and a big baboon.

I go out at night and take a deep breath,
Of that wonderful aroma that is known as death.
But when the sun rises, with it's deathly ray,
I run to my coffin, for there I must lay.


He said, "I love your sky-blue eyes,
Your cheeks like a rose.
Your lips sweet as honey,
And your button nose."

She said, "You must be crazy,
Your eyes are much too, red.......
And you look so very pale,
Are you sure you're not dead?"

Said he, "Be mine forever,
Wed in eternal bliss.
Let us seal my promise now,
With a luscious Kiss."
Said she, "Scram! You're not my type,
And I am not for hire.
I no more care for you, then......
A blood thirsty vampire!"



When I was a little girl,
My Daddy was as tall as an oak tree.
And he had a voice ...
that roared,Like the sea.

He never had to spank me,
His voice would do the trick
But he was oh, so gentle,
Whenever I was sad or sick.

Daddy was an Army Vet.,
Very proud of his strife.
Sometimes, I think, he had trouble,
Adjusting to ordinary life.

Although we'd get mad,
At some of the things he'd do.
He didn't have to tell his love,
We already knew.

"Daddy, we will miss you,"
Oh, so very much!
But we know that now,
You are watching over us.

dedicated to Jack (my dad) January 19, 1982

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