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The seasons come, the seasons go.

To bring us warmth, To bring us snow.

Live by the minute of each hour, of each day.
Tomorrow may not come...Let not your life waste away.

When the sun's up in the sky, I stop and ask myself why?
We were put on this earth so green, To dig it up with man's machine?


As Easter draws near, The sky is blue, the weather clear.
Hearts unite in a song of joy, Colored eggs are scattered for each girl and boy.
Baskets of candy, thoughts of a rabbit, All of this is the Easter habit.
With new clothes and new hats, We often forget what Christ did in the past.
The true reason we celebrate, Such a wonderful day...
Christ died to save us, Sin was cast away.
How do we thank Him, By wearing new clothes?
Or leading a life, In which He chose.

As Easter approaches, The sky is blue, The birds all sing.
A time of happiness, Yet a time of sorrow; For Christ had to die,
So we could live free of sin...and ready for tomorrow!

"Thoughts of Thanks"

We must be thankful for each day we see,
Whether it brings happiness or sorrow.
No matter what our status be,
For there may be no tomorrow.

Give thanks to God for your existence,
Through good times and through bad.
Thank Him for your common sense,
For this and more, you should be glad.

The sands of time has been traveled times.
The Devil Or God It's Up To You